Welcome to the Sojourner Truth Center!

Thank you for your interest the Sojourner Truth Center and Winnie Foster’s work in the community of St. Petersburg Florida. We look forward to engaging new and long time friends, young and old.

Mission & Purpose

The Sojourner Truth Center is dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals and groups struggling for a more just and democratic society. Our goal is to assist grassroots efforts and facilitate shared experiences for the purpose of citizen empowerment, educating citizens on the purposes of sustainability for the life support systems of Space Ship Earth. We seek to work in the spirit and methods of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jane Adams, Phillip Berrigen and Dr. Helen Caldicott. We Honor the spirit of those like William Penn who “spoke truth to power”.

We honor all the forebears of the human family whose courageous efforts have brought us to this time and place. We commit to projects that further the pursuit of justice, equality, and truth.

Current Focus Areas

Community Engagement

Urban Community Garden Project

Sustainability Issues and Education

Environmental Impacts on Health

Political Activism

~ Please leave a comment below if you would be interested in learning more and/or get involved!